Sarah Winter

Please fasten your seatbelt, 2007
5x 0,67m x 1,4m x 0,03m
Lightbox installation


Please fasten your seatbelt is a series of five lightboxes dealing with the traditional safety regulations
on board an aircraft. The safety measures shown before each take-off, such as the use of a life jacket
or oxygen masks, are ironically staged in form of mosaic windows. The safety demonstrations on an
airplane do not eliminate the eventuality of a crash, but rather show measures to be taken for all
possible accidents, thus subconsciously insinuating the image of control and safety instead of chaos
and panic. At first glance, the series seems to follow this strategy to create a sacred place of safety
which is mirrored in the effect of the scale of the work. The size creates the impression of standing
inside an oversized airplane. Each rounded window is 50 x 60 cm and placed into a white plastic
frame of 67 x 140 cm, thus creating a total length of 4,50m. But upon closer study one realizes that
every small detail, every pattern comprises one of the themes of the safety cards. The celebration
and exaggeration of control reveal the subconscious manipulation through the absurdity for what
they really are: mere visual ornaments.

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