Sarah Winter

St. Porcina, 2008
5m x 4m


The installation consists of a 5m x 4m fake stained-glass ceiling in the form of a lightbox that gives
the viewer the impression of standing under a beautiful church archway and rose-window. What the viewer
discovers upon closer inspection, however, is that all the images and ornaments depict slaughtered and
hung-up carcasses, pieces of meat, bloodstains, or sharp instruments. Although each detail depicts the
violence of a slaughterhouse, in total they form curved patterns and ornaments and create thus the overall
impression of harmony. This perverted transformation of violence into geometrical beauty is mirrored on
the floor. There is a ground- plan of a slaughter room taped to the floor underneath the cupola. The clinical
cleanliness that is created above and below through the deliberate absence of dirt, sweat, bellowing and
disorder transfers the scenes of horror to an imaginary slaughterroom space positioned between ceiling
and floor. It is also the place at which the viewer is inevitably located.



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